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Posted July 14, 2017:
Lawncology® 28: Understanding Tree Nutrition 


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Lawncology® is a method of both diagnosing common problems and understanding common practices in lawn care. These methods convert over into all professional plant care methods including row crop agriculture, arbor care, food production and ornamental plant care.

Lawncology® methods have been developed over years in the industry by constantly searching and discovering common threads that link human intervention or “over care” and soil and plant diseases that frequently plague our profession. These methods are in no way criticism of the way professionals have cared for their soil, plants and clients, but rather a new learning that will allow for some antiquated techniques to finally be left behind.

Lawncology® looks at our plants and soils, weeds and pests,  as a cohesive unit rather than separate areas of study. This polarity of the “health vs disease” mentality begins to melt into a singular understanding of one not existing without the other. 

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